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What is

NYLearns is a dynamic, online curriculum management and standards-based system. Created specifically for the New York State scholastic community by a team of master teachers and PhDs in the field of education, NYLearns offers educators tools and resources that are:

  • Easily accessible.
  • All learning standards are searchable by subject area, grade level, course, or keyword.

  • Organized and manageable.
  • From documenting day-to-day activities to formulating formal assessments—all teacher tools are available in one convenient location.

  • Dynamic.
  • We regularly update and organize resources and assessment questions so you always have access to the most relevant teaching material.

  • Easy to use.
  • Our website is specially designed for users of every age and experience level—you don’t need to be a computer pro to navigate our site.

  • Internet ready.
  • Easily access learning standards, educational resources, assessments, and more from practically anywhere using your laptop or mobile device.

Which Teacher Tools are Right for You?

While NYLearns offers a variety of free content to public users, a complete suite of teacher tools is available exclusively to subscribers. For a clear description of features and accessibility, check out our features page.

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