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  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
            • Performance Indicator - MST5.E.ED.1.1:
              Students describe objects, imaginary or real, that might be modeled or made differently and suggest ways in which the objects can be changed, fixed, or improved.
            • Performance Indicator - MST5.E.ED.1.2:
              Students investigate prior solutions and ideas from books, magazines, family, friends, neighbors, and community members.
            • Performance Indicator - MST5.E.ED.1.3:
              Students generate ideas for possible solutions, individually and through group activity; apply age-appropriate mathematics and science skills; evaluate the ideas and determine the best solution; and explain reasons for the choices.
            • Performance Indicator - MST5.E.ED.1.4:
              Students plan and build, under supervision, a model of the solution using familiar materials, processes, and hand tools.
            • Performance Indicator - MST5.E.ED.1.5:
              Students discuss how best to test the solution; perform the test under teacher supervision; record and portray results through numerical and graphic means; discuss orally why things worked or didn’t work; and summarize results in writing, suggesting ways to make the solution better.
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